Top 15 Plugins for Data Visualization on WordPress Websites

Data visualization is the process of taking raw (usually numerical) data and converting them into a visual presentation. Techniques for converting raw data have existed for many decades already. However, we have only seen such a steady influx of functional data visualization tools, libraries, and WordPress plugins in the last five years. That humans learn better[…]

Top 23 Best Free JavaScript Frameworks for Web Developers 2017

The JavaScript community experienced some really big changes last year. ECMAScript 6 was finally standardized and published, and most popular compilers and web browsers are working hard to adapt to all the new changes and regulations. To fully understand such a huge update (the last ES update was in 2009), it’s necessary to immerse yourself[…]

۱۰ Open-Source JavaScript Data Chart Libraries Worth Considering

The beauty of modern web design can be found in the widespread advancement of visual and dynamic effects. CSS3 has taken the design world to another level with independent animation properties. But digging even further you’ll notice that open source code has revolutionized the process of creating and using such a code library. There’s no[…]