Top 15 Plugins for Data Visualization on WordPress Websites

Data visualization is the process of taking raw (usually numerical) data and converting them into a visual presentation. Techniques for converting raw data have existed for many decades already. However, we have only seen such a steady influx of functional data visualization tools, libraries, and WordPress plugins in the last five years. That humans learn better[…]

۱۵ Best Security Company WordPress Themes 2017

Security as a topic has continued to rise in popularity in the recent couple of years; and it comes as a no surprise. There have been more high-end data breaches in the recent 3 years, than the previous 20 combined! Sure enough, this is only happening because of how little diversity there is with big[…]

۲۰ Best Job Board Themes and Plugins for WordPress To Create Awesome Job Sites 2017

Today I decided to make a list of the best WordPress themes designed for job boards. These themes can be used for general job listing website as well as some niche sites like freelancer job listings and even job board for babysitters. These themes features frontend submission, location aware search, resume creators, visual builders and[…]

۲۵ WordPress Business Themes With Appointment Booking Forms 2017

Any business whether digital or not requires some type of a bridge between client interest and client onboarding. Typically, the traditional way of acquiring new clients is through a phone call which is followed by a scheduled meeting. With the expansive growth of eCommerce and web technology, many are moving over to the web to[…]