Support Specialist / Developer

FacetWP is looking for a part-time developer / support specialist to join our team.

FacetWP is an advanced filtering plugin for WordPress. We started in late 2013, and have grown into a successful small business.


The main focus of this position is providing customer support. The bulk of customer interactions will be technical, so a strong background in WordPress development is required.

Since we’re a small team, you will have plenty of autonomy and variety in your daily activities. Customer happiness is the top priority, but depending on capacity, there’s room for other areas of growth:

  • Writing, extending, and maintaining FacetWP add-ons
  • Creating tutorials, screencasts, and helping with outreach
  • Contributing to other open-source projects, such as WordPress core
  • R&D for new products and services


  • A strong understanding of the WordPress codebase, such as experience using hooks (actions/filters), WP_Query, and WPDB.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, and the ability to find and communicate solutions
  • WordPress plugin development experience is a plus