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Important info for existing users: Postmatic Basic is now Replyable. The feature set has changed to focus singularly on being the best subscribe to comments experience for WordPress. If you would like to continue using the same features you enjoyed with Postmatic Basic you may do so by switching to Postmatic Labs.

Take Subscribe to Comments. Now, make it smart. And beautiful. And a good listener that accepts replies. That’s Replyable, and it’s built by Postmatic.

Comment subscriptions reimagined – for better SEO, better conversations, and easier comment management

Replyable is smart: Not all comments are created equal. Some are thoughtful, relevant, and worth sharing. Others are just a waste of time. Replyable lets your users subscribe to comments without fear – only the best comments will be sent via email.

Replyable is aware: Nobody will get too much email. As conversations get busy comments will be combined into a daily digest. Subscribe to comments is finally safe again.

Replyable listens: Reply to any email sent from Replyable to post your response as a followup comment. No forms, no websites. It works online or offline, from anywhere. And to make comment moderation easier, authors can moderate comments with simple email commands.

Replyable plays wells with others: Replyable is compatible with all other WordPress comment plugins including Epoch, wpDiscuz, Inline Comments, Commentluv, and your current antispam and moderation workflows.

The days of one-way notifications are over. It’s time to let them hit reply.

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Core Features

  • Subscribe to Comments modernized – rock-solid comment subscriptions which comply with all international spam laws.
  • Onc-click migration from legacy Subscribe to Comments plugins.
  • Comment subscriptions reimagined – Our notifications bring along profile images, gravatars, post recaps, and display the comment in context of the larger conversation.
  • Responsive templates – rich html-based comment templates that look great on both desktop and mobile displays.
  • Fully branded, auto-adapting templates which magically mimic your active theme – it’s true. Our email templates self-adjust to match the colors, images, and typography of your theme. It’s kind of nuts.
  • Replyable strictly adheres to WordPress best practices. It uses the native commenting and user systems. We’re just a magical email gateway.
  • Automatic pausing of subscriptions on chatty posts – if too many comments are happening at once subscriptions will automatically be placed on pause the users notified. They can resume their subscription with a simple command.

Premium Features (starting at $2.99/month, 30 day free trial)

  • Reply to comments without leaving your inbox – reply to any comment notification to post a followup comment. Even when offline.
  • Automatic author subscriptions – Choose to have authors and guest authors automatically subscribed to comments on their own posts. Replyable will deliver the most relevant and thoughtful comments via email (no nice post, dude notices here), and of course let them reply to send a response.
  • Moderation as a shared task – Authors can also moderate comments with simple email commands such as approve, spam, or trash. Or, just reply with a response and the comment will be approved and the reply posts, all without touching WordPress.
  • Comment Intelligence – Replyable recognizes the quality and relevance of comments and only sends the best to people who have subscribed. Comment content is scored for relevance, length, reading level, and sentiment. If it doesn’t add to the conversation, it’ll be held back and only included in a daily recap.
  • Subscription scaling for any size community – Email is great – but too much of it can be a drag. Replyable throttles notifications on chatty posts to meet the needs of the conversation. When things are quiet subscribers receive new comments as they happen. If there are more than a few new comments in the same day email is held back and grouped together into a what’s new daily digest. Best of all, direct replies are always sent immediately to keep side conversations going without bothering the larger group.
  • Outbound email delivery – stop worrying about host throttling, spam filters, and deliverability. All Replyable notices are sent via our servers and include guaranteed delivery.
  • Affordable plans for any site.

We’re serious about privacy and doing the right thing. We do not profile users, run ads, or sell data in any way and maintain a very strict privacy policy.



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