Socius Marketing Page Taxonomy


This plugin creates two taxonomies for categorizing pages, and their respective archives.

Upon activation, two pages are created that serve as the top-level archives. They are initially named ‘Categories’ and ‘Areas Served’, but may be updated to suit your needs. These pages will display a visual category selection that link to paginated listings of all the content pages associated with each taxonomy.

Pages can be easily assigned to the custom taxonomies by using the checkbox options added to the Edit Page admin area.

Custom Categories

This taxonomy is intended for products or services, for example: “Bathrooms,” “Kitchens,” “Outdoor,” etc. All categories in this taxonomy will exist as top-level items (no parent/child relationships).

Areas Served

This taxonomy is intended to use US cities and states in parent/child relationships, for example: Texas > Dallas. Properly setting up these locations will allow the Areas Served archive page to create separate state pages with a sub-listing of all its cities.



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