Site Readiness, Mailster Setup, UI Work

I need to do some updates to my site/blog to ready it for use. The site is (it’s a bit of a mess right now)

My plan to release a new blog post weekly. Right now, I’m thinking the home page would simply display the most recent blog post and the “Musings” tab would be the archive for all the other posts.

Additional Tabs or sections on the website.

“Interviews” – this will be interviews with sales people to learn how they arrived in a sales role.

“Wackiness” – this section will be brief stories about sales people, the things they’ve done (not so well) and generally stupid and funny stuff.

“Other Content” Not sure what this section will be called yet, but I’d like to have it include My Favorite Books, Videos, and other Blogs and Websites of interest.

My email newsletter template needs help. I want to make it’s clean and easy to read on any device. Please see newsletters for what I’m trying to achieve.

Lastly, I’d like social icons that will make the content they’re viewing easily posted to Linkedin, facebook & twitter. Maybe Instagram & reddit too.

I’m using Mailster and AWS SES for email distribution.

I’m open to ideas to make the site more attractive but need to start simple and clean at first. I want to ensure the site is tested thoroughly and can handle the volume.

Developer Requirements:
– A patient person willing to work on smaller projects
– Ideally, someone with who enjoys making elegant blogs/sites
– Ideally someone located in the U.S., Canada or Central America

About Me
I’m technical and understand software development