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Fully automated solution for your e-commerce!

Shipfunk Logistics Platform offers you a flexible way to differentiate from your competitors. With the Shipfunk’s platform you can offer your customers multiple shipping options and extensive amount of pick-up -sites. All shipping options are fully adjustable to achieve better customer experience. We generate delivery labels and EDI -messages, so the system is scalable to high volume.

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Fully automated

Our system uses dynamic pricing – customers are offered shipping options and rates based on their basket content. More convenient shipping options leads to a better conversion! All shipping options can be configured with multiple ways; you can use fixed prices or add overhead costs etc.

Print labels easily

You can generate labels easily from the plugin. With automatic parcel packing the process is fully automated.


You can see an overview of all of the deliveries on Shipfunk Extranet and check every delivery in detail. With statistics you can monitor shipping costs and shipping options used.

No fixed costs

You do not need to pay any fixed service fees, starting fees or monthly fees. You pay only per use and we believe that you can achieve great savings with our platform!

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