Salon Booking


Salon Booking enables the reservation to one-on-one business
between a client and a staff member,
namely those businesses like hair salon, hospital, dental clinic and so on..

Salon Booking requires neither member registration to make reservations
from on the Web sites, nor loses prospective clients
who hesitate to register personal information.

To prevent the wrongful registration and reservation,
the reservation procedure is devised for the clients
with no registration at all as follows;
“tentative reservation”,
“response to the e-mail address who tentatively reserved”,
and “confirmation by the client on the confirmation screen on the Web sites”.

And if a client agrees to register,
the reservation is done at once and
the change of the reservation is also becoming easier,
which might be an additional incentive for the clients to register.

The interface for the reservation is easy and like that of Google Calendar.
The change of the reservation is possible by means of drag and drop,
which enables also the staff member phoned by a client for the change
of the request can easily change the schedule accordingly.

Salon Booking is also capable of the personnel management of the staff member
on the shift control and time recording.
Of course the possible time ranges of reservation
and the attendance of the staff member co-relates automatically.

Salon Booking can also record the actual performance against the reservation
and capable of compiling the information on the demands from the clients
and working results.
So, it is very useful in improving the service quality and the operation management of staff.

As for the security, all the measures are included in this system,
namely against identity frauds, malicious requests to reserve, SQL injection attacks and so.



  1. 電話での空いている時間のやり取り
  2. 髪を切ってもらっている間に掛かってくる電話による中断



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