Sales Superstar


Hi, thanks for taking a look.  Before you read through the long and boring description, below are the important things you need to know first.  If this fits you, you might be the person we are looking for.

• You love to meet new people and connect with them instantly.
• You like talking to people on the phone.
• You check email on your phone even when you’re away from the office.
• You like to ask questions.
• You know a lot about marketing, the web and solutions to help small businesses.
• You like to give suggestions.
• You like social media, especially LinkedIn.
• You are not afraid to ask for a sale, and you actually know strategies for this.

Compensation, we have a couple of options:
• Base with a lower commission scale
• Full commission with a higher commission scale

If That Fits You, Read On….

It is the job of the Sales Consultant to generate a large quantity of new business leads and prospects for the agency according to a pre-defined set of client criteria.  The sales consultant generates research on prospects and assembles reports to use in attracting and inciting prospects’ interest in the agency.  Also, the sales consultant maintains the prospect database, makes and keeps appointments, cold calls leads and prospects, maintains and follows up on regular sales consultant mailings to prospects, looks for new leads, creates prospect profiles, and stays up to date on correspondence relating to all prospect contacts.


• Practices effective sales efforts resulting in a steady increase of new business.
• Wins profitable new accounts that are professional, courteous and long-term.
• Uses software correctly so that reports can be ran on sales funnel and pipeline on a weekly basis.
• Coordinates projects/jobs for smooth, efficient operation of new business effort.
• Communicates effectively between the agency & clients.
• Treats prospects with respect and instills a confidence in our abilities and service.
• Actively listens and seeks to understand clients’ needs and then convinces them the agency can meet those needs.
• Uses client contact software to maintain detailed digital files documenting all contacts with each prospect including mailings, calls, appointments, and correspondence; records all research, reports, sales information or other materials used or created for use in selling the agency to each prospect.
• Keeps timely contact with prospects through regular emails, mailings, phone calls, and appointments.
• Maintains a new business prospect database including primary, secondary and general target prospects; records product/market information about each prospect; and regularly updates all contact information.
• Follows up on all prospect meetings with letters/agency literature.
• In conjunction with the agency marketing director, researches and constructs reports on selected prospects/industries/products for use as “intelligent marketing tools” in sales efforts with prospects.
• Inventories all materials/supplies needed to continue the new business effort uninterrupted, including mailing pieces, agency brochures, agency newsletters and other promotional literature, letterhead, press release forms, etc., and alerts production manager if there is a need to restock.
• Meets with the agency account service team, including agency marketing director and president, to keep them informed of new business opportunities gained from new business efforts; transfers prospect contact to president/account service team when agency is ready to “go in.”

• ۲+ years of successful business-to-business sales experience
• Web design, SEO & Internet Marketing sales experience required.  A qualified candidate will have experience talking with clients and explaining these services.
• Excellent customer service skills
• Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
• Self motivated to grow a book of business

Please email resume and a link to your LinkedIn profile to ryan at catonthecouch dot com.