RSS Feeds News Blocks


This plugin fetchs RSS feed, or multiple feeds, and displays them in columns blocks list using shortcode.


  • Fetch as many RSS feeds as you want
  • Display the RSS feed wherever you want using shortcode, including text widgets
  • Control whether to display the entire RSS feeds content or just an excerpt
  • Control how many words display in the excerpt
  • Control whether it has a Read more link or not
  • Control whether links open in a new window or not
  • Simple, lightweight, and fast
  • Easy to setup
  • Set cache time (in seconds)
  • Control order of items
  • Responsive for mobiles and tablets. Choose between 1 to 6 columns width
  • Translation ready (Anglish, Français). Please share your own translation here
  • Show NEW items of the day with a cool orange dot at the right of each daily NEW items

PRO version

  • Show more or show less items link Popurl
  • Fetch thumbnail or first image
  • Control thumbnail’s size
  • Show/Hide descriptions with the +/- Minimize and Maximize button
  • Find and show RSS Favicons and Icons
  • Huffington Post or Drudge Repport Newspaper style
  • Google Adsense integration in RSS items
  • (Read more PRO version infos below)

Live Demo: was created with the RSS Feeds News Blocks pro version plugin (RFNB) :

Pro version Newspaper (Huffington post style): shortcode newspaper=”1″

Demo Video Pro version