Retail Store Locator Info Page


This project is to build a retail store locator on our existing website.
a. Use “Store Locator Plus” plugin. Do you have any recommendations?
b. We can keep the location search function as is
c. Display note at the bottom.
d. wp-admin customized to support multiple hierarchy of configuring store locator

• Agile methodology – short burst of deliverable
• Development team must be proficient in JavaScript, CSS, PHP, responsive design, WordPress, and HTML.
• Confident to deliver the requirements
• Attention to detail is paramount
• Asks a lot of questions
• Build a long term professional working relationship with their clients
• Worked on responsive website, liquid layout and mobile browser compatibility
• Extensive knowledge and experience in improving performance and configuring caching solution (using WordPress plugins w3tc)
• believes in excellence and perfection, no compromises on quality

Prior to discussion, please provide the following:
1. Detailed breakdown of work/implementation and allocated days:
Can I get more detail on what kind of responsiveness/method of responsiveness you will implement?
2. Resource Usage :- (Man Hours)
3. Cost :- (Cdn.) and also includes bank/PayPal transaction Fees :-
4. Expected delivery date:
5. Which country is your company based in?
6. What is your operation hours? Do you work in the weekends?
7. Do you foresee any vacations this year?
8. Please provide 2 website example of past clients that has achieved 95/100 (A) performance grade?



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