Responsive Website! WordPress + Marketify (Multi Vendor) + Social Network (All in one Website)


I am an artist hoping to make a multi-vender + social network site for all other artists like me. The site will be similar to this site but better.
Better means:
*A more advanced and in-depth search engine/filter
*An engaging platform nearly like a social network website. This is so buyers and artist can connect to one another easily. (Ex. Buyers can follow their favorite artists + make an artist wishlist + a notification system so buyers know of a new opening or reopening from and artist that they are following)
*Active Marketing (Ex. After a buyer purchases a commission buyer will be directed to a “thank you” page with suggestions to similar artists like the one they just brought from)
*Ad spaces for artists to advertise their work (artist must pay to advertise (one of my ways to make profit)
*There may be more added to this list as I come up with ideas.

One of my must have services is for buyers to be able to pay through PayPal.
Since I’m wanting to work with WordPress there’s a “plug-in” (?) that I think will work wonderfully with my marketplace.
I would just need the social network like “code” added in together (if possible?)
(As you can see, my knowledge is really weak.)
Here’s what I’m talking about.

۵ Best eCommerce Platforms for Multi-Vendor Marketplaces in 2019

(Just read “۱٫ WordPress with Marketify + Easy Digital Downloads”)

If something I wrote doesn’t make sense, tell me what you think I mean and then I’ll like ask you questions until I get the right answer.

Email me at if you think you can help.
Thank you!