Re-add text underline and justify


In WordPress 4.7, the core developper team decided to make various changes in the editor (TinyMce WYSIWYG), including removing the underline and justify buttons and rearranging some of the toolbar buttons.
If you don’t want to change the way you edit your content and/or don’t want to confuse your customers with a new contribution interface, this very lightweight plugin will set the editor style back to its previous state (like in WordPress 4.6 and above versions).

You may change the Editor style from the Writing option page.

4 options are available for the Editor style :

  • Default – without underline & justify buttons
  • Re-add underline & justify buttons
  • Re-add underline & justify + rearrange
  • Re-add justify only (added in 0.1.3)

Please note, the third option is, in my opinion, a good compromise between the 4.6 and 4.7 editor versions. It moves up the style select to the first line and moves the underline button after the other text position buttons.

IMPORTANT: Try different options before posting a bug repport. Some plugins like ACF (free version) are using there own list of buttons and can create conflict with this plugin. Option 3 and 4 are best to prevent this plugin from removing your existing buttons.



Please ask for help or report bugs if anything goes wrong. It is the best way to make the community benefit!



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