Question about hiring WordPress Developers


Advice Needed

I am trying to develop a site, but the functionality the site needs exceeds my skillset.
I need to hire a programmer to develop custom plug-ins and ensure proper functionality for the site.

– Should I outsource, hire contract labor or a full-time programmer?
– How much should I pay for each (full time and contract? – Site will be fairly elaborate)

Does WordPress being open source cause any problems with security? I’m comfortable with the platform, but is it worth it to just trust someone else to develop a site using a platform I’m not familiar with and unable to work within?
I’ve developed a lot of sites but haven’t coded from scratch since 2005 (Dreamweaver days before CMS took off). I have adequate knowledge of HTML, but not great. I’ve developed hundreds of sites, but nearly all using WordPress, Weebly or some similar platform that makes it easy for people like me to make a good looking website without the development skills I would presume most on this forum possess.

NOTE: I tried posting this in the WordPress Development forum where it belongs, but the moderator locked the thread within 5 minutes and told me the only place I could ask these questions is here.

Once I know what type of work I need and what constitutes a fair price for the labor I’ll post an application here in addition to the application already on Indeed.

Note 2: Where it says “Project,” it’s only because I had to choose from one of the three options. One of my two main questions being whether I should outsource, hire contract labor or make a full-time hire. The second question is what represents a fair price for each? The site is going to be moderately elaborate, for what it’s worth, however not nearly as elaborate as many.

*You’re welcome to submit applications, but I plan to post another threat for the opening once I know what I need and how much I should pay for it. Respondents who reply with objective data that is consistent with what others have stated will be given priority over self-serving answers and non-responses.