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PushAlert plugin will install the required javascript into your website, which will allow your users to subscribe to web push notifications. It also adds an easy to use interface right next to your editor, using which you can push notification (using REST API) to your users directly from WordPress on publishing the post.

Engaging visitors at the right time results in higher conversion (How to Increase sales, reach with push notifications) and also helps bring back users to your website. Push Notifications have up to 10 times better click through rate than traditional marketing methods like emails, SMS. Moreover, it’s easier to get people to subscribe for push notifications as they don’t require any personal information. This is where we come in. PushAlert provides you an easy to setup web push notification service which works both on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Here are some of the features that we offer:

  • Broader Reach: PushAlert Web Push Notifications work with Chrome and Firefox (80%+ market-share) on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Audience Creator: Target specfic subscribers based on their interests, location, URL and other parameters for more effective re-engagement and higher conversions.
  • A/B Notification: By using different text, images for the same notification we can automatically determine which version works best and send it for better conversion.
  • Segmentation with Advanced Targeting: With segments, you can personalize notifications for your customers based on their interests. We already have segments based on Location, Device, Browser and OS.
  • Schedule Notifications: If you have any deals, announcement that needs to be sent at a particular time, you can easily schedule that beforehand.
  • RSS Push: You can send all news/announcements of your choice in a single notification with a customizable UI, so that your customers don’t feel spammed with multiple notifications. It helps deliver more content.
  • Advanced Stats: With our stats you can clearly see which notifications are fetching better engagement with real-time click-through rate.

All this is available for free and as you grow, you can move to one of the paid plans. With PushAlert you can convert your visitors into customers and keep them coming back to your website. All online businesses and blogs are looking to implement push notifications, and it’s time you do too.

If you’ve any query or issue, please get in touch with us at support@pushalert.co



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