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Push Notifications

A great notification message is one of the ideal ways to increase your sales pitch. Providing some vital information about your products and services, it is bound to attract customers. Get subscribers and broadcast a message to there web browsers with a personalised messages by Push Notification.


Feedify brings to you brilliantly designed surveys that can be scheduled and automated based on the user base interaction. Helping you achieve effortless marketing automation that can be iterated and adapted in real-time.

Visitor’s Feedback

Giving your customers the the ability to interact in a first hand format, Feedifys Feedback tool can be placed on your website with a subtle yet targeted approach.

After Sale Feedback ( for eCommerce )

A great salesman is one who keeps their customers happy! Feedify helps you do just that with our Sales After Feedback tool. Generate crisp and to the point feedback forms that can be sent to the customer directly on their email.

You can target customers based upon:

Viewer’s Profile

Get a detailed insight into the visitor’s profile that details the number of visits or clicks.

Specific Targeting

Target your visitors based on the analyzation ensuring reaping benefits in the most cost effective manner.

Geo Targetting

Deliver customized content based on geo tagging that allows you to determine the location of the website visitor.


Schedule your events for later dates

For more information log on to – http://www.feedify.net



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