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ProfileGrid – User Profiles and Groups

Power-packed profile building plugin that’s both beautiful and easy to use!

While ProfileGrid is fundamentally a profile building plugin, it also introduces concept of User Groups. Groups are equivalent to Profile types where you can have different profile structures for different group of users. Advantages of Group based system is apparent from the very beginning:

  • You can have multiple Profile types.
  • Each Group can have its own set of fields.
  • Each Group can have its own Group Leader.
  • Group Leader can have special privacy level.
  • Each group can have its own registration workflow.
  • You can offer visitors option to sign up for Group of their choice.
  • Groups can have membership limits.
  • Groups can be mapped to a specific WordPress Roles.

And so much more!

If you do not need multiple Groups, there’s nothing stopping you to use the default Group as single profile type.

ProfileGrid is pretty both on the front end AND the dashboard area. We understand you spend a lot of time inside the dashboard, therefore, we made sure the admin facing interface is clean and organized. You will absolutely love it when you first log into ProfileGrid. And it looks even better once profiles start to fill in!

Dashboard areas include:

  • Group Manager to create, edit and manage groups.
  • Custom Fields Manager to manager Profile Sections and Fields.
  • User Profiles area to view, search and filters User profiles.
  • Email Template manager to create and edit email notifications for users.
  • Global Settings to fine tune your ProfileGrid installation.
  • Shortcodes page to help you understand how shortcodes work.

Front end offers a slew of shortcodes to present profile related areas to the visitors. These are:

  • Groups page showing a grid of Groups for users to browse and sign up for them.
  • Group page showing Group’s details and all its members.
  • Profile page showing single User Profile.
  • Single and Multipage sign up forms. Latter splitting Sections into pages.
  • All Users page displays all members without grouping them, with global search.
  • Login and Password Recovery pages.

Group Attributes

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • Group Badge/ Icon/ Logo
  • Membership Limit
  • Group Leader (Selectable from Group Members).
  • Redirection after group registration
  • Custom message after group registration
  • Custom Email notifications for registration, activation and deletion

Profile Attributes

  • User Avatar
  • User Cover Photo
  • Parent Group
  • Profile Sections
  • Custom Fields

Custom Field Attributes

  • Field Label
  • Field Description
  • Field Type
  • Placeholder Text
  • CSS Class
  • Maximum Length/ Rows/ Columns etc.
  • Field Label Icon
  • Parent Group
  • Parent Section
  • Display on Sign Up form
  • Required/ Not Required
  • Visibility on Profile Page
  • Visibility on Group Page

Email Template Attributes

  • Template Name
  • Subject
  • Body with Mail Merge fields.

Global Settings

General Settings

  • Template Selection
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Map default WP Registration page
  • Redirection after user login
  • Map All Groups page
  • Map Single Group page
  • Define Sign Up form Style
  • Map Profile page
  • Map Login page
  • Map Password Recovery and Password Reset pages

Security Settings

  • Toggle reCAPTCHA
  • reCAPTCHA language
  • Site Key
  • Secret Key
  • Request method

User Accounts

  • Turn on automatic approvals

Email Notifications

  • Toggle Admin notifications
  • Define additional notification recipients
  • Toggle SMTP with credential fields

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7
Last Updated: 22 mins ago
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