Post AND Reply to bbPress via email.

For reference, we’d like to see extended functionality than what is already delivered in and where some of the core functionality could likely be extended from to support Custom Post Types. Which it could then be adopted into BBPress to create a support ticket or help desk scenario.

۱٫ Each bbPress forum could be connected to an individual email address or inbox. Any emails sent to that inbox would either create a new post or append to an existing post in that forum.

۲٫ New forum posts (or replies to other posts) made in bbPress would be sent from that forum’s unique email address to subscribers of that forum.

۳٫ Any recipients of an email from the forum would be able to REPLY to that email and it would post to the forum thread as a response as well as ultimately be sent to anyone subscribed to that forum or thread.

The result is to allow someone to post new topics on the bbPress forum directly, post new topics to the bbPress forum via email, respond to topics on the bbPress forum directly, respond to topics on the bbPress forum via email, and any combination of the above.

Very similar to how many help desk plugins work in that a ticket is started online but the users can respond via an email Reply or via a direct response to the ticket on the website.