Polyvalent Freelancer Developer PARTNER

Dearest developer,

What I look for:

– Fluent English
– Creativity and a drive to create a good UX that goes hand in hand with great SEO
– Good communication skills
– Idea bringer

Short description of job and expectations:

I’m looking for a partner who wants to invest in this company, improve the online business, things like the WordPress website, the layout of it, SEO for the website, SEO for the articles posted 5 times a week, off-site SEO marketing, etc… basically everything that has to do with the developing side of things.

Together with me and other partners, I’m looking to build a huge platform for people who are looking for advice on relationships, fitness, grooming, style, tools, etc… This platform should reach growth and revenue out of partnerships with business but also with amazon, youtube, Adsense and other add-revenue platforms.

Do you want to join in for this business send me an email with what you think you can bring to the table for the company? According to with what you bring to the table equity in the company is discussed. Equity that can grow over the years we work together. Or after a time I can buy you out according to a company valuation at that point.

Do you know a marketing expert or a video/article director or someone who can improve content? Please refer them to me because the company is also looking for someone who can do the marketing side of things. Like contacting companies for promotional agreements, doing market research on the niche we are in, etc…

Hope to hear some response of capable people who are willing to do this project a couple hours a week up to a half-time job up to a full-time job eventually. I know we can build this towards a full-time situation for all of us.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading,
Seth Carnett