Plugin/Theme Customization


I currently have my website on with a theme with a plugin that I like, but it doesn’t seem to have all the functionalities I would like. There are things I would like to remove as well.

The theme is

The purpose of the website is to be a job post website for my organization. Right now the theme allows for people to register as employers so that they can post their jobs. Because it’s only for jobs that are posted by various departments within my organization I don’t need that extra function of it being a public job board for employers.

From Employer Dashboard Perspective

We have 11 departments. These 11 departments will be the employers. Within those 11 departments, different managers post different jobs.

For example, one department is the Daily Bruin (a newspaper publication). Within this publication, they have 12 sub-departments (Sports, News, A&E, Photo, Design, etc.)

Right now the theme only allows for 1 user to manage 1 employer account. –> I need to be able to have several users post jobs as that employer.

For example, user registers–> account is created (auto made into candidate) –> admin makes that user a department manager to be able to manage their specific department (employer)


۱٫ I need user to be able to register to make an account on website.

As of right now the theme does a simple registration of username, password and email. Once you do register I have it setup it to auto approve the username. The person can now fill in their profile.
-I need this to be the reverse. I need to have the profile be the mandatory requirements to be allowed to register.

*Anyone who registers is auto made a candidate, but as mentioned above, the admin should be able to upgrade a candidates/user account to be a department manager account to manage the department they are assigned to.

If an admin is making an user’s account to a manager account, they need to assign what department they are allowed to post jobs as. For example, a manager from Daily Bruin (a department) can post jobs for Design, Photo, etc. but should only be able to post them as Daily Bruin and not another department like BruinLife (a different department).
*The admin should be the only one to be allowed to post a job under any department.

Application Form vs Job Posting
Right now, the theme treats a job post and the application form as different things.

When an employer posts a job it asks for employee to set standard details about job which is fine (some things it asks need to be removed though, For example all jobs are non-paid so the salary fields need to be removed)
-However, when a candidate selects to Apply for that job the form they fill out is a very generic one that is used for all jobs and I need each job to have it’s own separate form application.

I would like for the employer/manager to be able to post a job and within that post be able to create the not only the job information but also the form that candidates need to fill out.

I need this form application to be very user friendly to create. For example Employer should be able to add checkmark questions, drop down responses, text area responses, etc.

Manager should be able to save draft of application until they are ready to publish.

Once job is published, they should be able to edit the application for typos, but not be able to remove questions if applicants have already applied. Managers should be able to duplicate an existing job application to be able to edit and repost as a different job.

From Candidate/Applicant perspective:

As mentioned above, once an user makes an account from their dashboard they can update their profile (but not be able to remove their info)

Right now, the application process is all or nothing. It doesn’t allow an applicant to start an application and save it for later. I want candidate to be able to start an application and save for later until they are ready to submit. It should only allow submission within the deadline set by manager on application.

Everything else about the theme for candidates I like. It’s only the not being able to save an application and submit later that I would like added.

There are some things from candidate dashboard that I would like removed though. That can be discussed later.

Once Candidate Has Submitted Application

The way the theme works with this is fine. I like that a manager can see how many times an application has been viewed and a list of applications submitted.

Right now it allows for application status to be Pending (all submitted are auto changed to pending), Accept, Reject. I would like to add the “Interview” as a status


I want a directory that is composed of everyone who is a manager and any applicant that has been accepted as we would treat this as a directory. Managers should be able to search the entire database regardless of department to see the main organization employees. Right now the theme allows for a candidate search to be able to search for all candidates but we would only like to see those who have been accepted and are treated as staff.

I want the added function of a manager to be able to add positions to a users profile.

For example, (we are a college org so we are students) if a candidate is a freshman they would apply for a job in Daily Bruin Photo Staff. If they get accepted then I would like for them to show up as a Photo Intern in the directory. However, after 4 months they are promoted to standard staff assuming they took the required 4 classes to turn from intern to standard staff. I want to be able to have a manager add status on users profiles.

For example, when an applicant is accepted to a job, somewhere on their profile it should auto apply to “X Intern” where X is the name of the application for (Fall 2019 Photo). When they take the required 4 classes, an admin would then add a new status that says “X Staff” where X is the name of the position as before. If in their sophomore year they get promoted to let’s say “Photo Editor” then a manager should be able to add a status that says “Photo Editor”. Basically, it should look like a small resume of work titles a user has held within our organization since they can apply to multiple departments.

From the directory I should be able to see anyone who has been an intern to editor, except I don’t want to see rejected applicants in this directory.

Right now, the theme has a lot of email functionalities which I like. However, I would like for the dashboard itself to have an inbox where it collects all the emails that have been sent/received. If I email a candidate from the dashboard, no where does it keep a record of it being sent.