PHP/JS Programmer / Plugin Developer

We’re looking for someone who:

-This position is for a PHP and/or JS programmer who is specifically knowledgable about WordPress plugin development. We’re open to both full time and part time.

-While we’re open to applicants from anywhere in the world, you should be an actual person, not an outsourcing agency.

-You must be an expert with the WordPress API. We will test your knowledge.

-Bonus points if you have a great understanding of HTML5 and CSS3

-More bonus points if you’re an All in One SEO Pack user

Please provide us with:

-Examples of custom plugins and/or advanced WordPress functionality you have developed. Make sure to include what parts you completed.

-You must be able to give examples of custom WordPress (PHP/JS) development, and should include custom (not customized/tweaked) plugins.

Do not apply if:

-Your WordPress “development” experience consists entirely of minor tweaks to someone else’s code.

-You are an outsourcing agency, rather than an actual person

-Do not reply if you are a “WordPress implementer” or a “plugin tweaker”.