PHP Developer

The role
Join a design and development agency housed in beautiful downtown Boulder whose apps are used by millions around the world.

The team offers a variety of services, from branding to development to UX feedback sessions. They prioritize collaboration and interpersonal relationships, both within the team and with clients. Over 90% of their clients have come back for additional projects.

As a technical contributor, on any given day, your responsibilities will include:
-Write both server-side and client-facing code, mostly in PHP. Launch new code bases, but also debug and maintain older codebases.
-Occasionally dabble in HTML/CSS and JavaScript when frontend needs arise.
-Communicate and collaborate with designers, project managers, and other developers.
-Discuss project needs to create technical specs.
-Use your knowledge of command line and git for version control.
-Document your work.
-Nurture and develop less experienced software programmers.
-Provide architectural knowledge and feedback for new projects.

Top reasons to choose this role:
-Small-team family vibe. They’re still a team of 9 and everyone is close with everyone.
-Work alongside the designers. Literally and figuratively. You’re not siloed to be ‘just a dev’ here. They are genuinely about collaboration.
-Really good coffee. Enough said.
-Competitive compensation.

The team:
When we asked a developer to tell us a story exemplifying team culture she shared: “Once a month, we invite community members in for free design advice.”

This is the kind of team where people come in on ‘work from home’ days, simply because they enjoy being around each other. They’re energetic, jokey, and fun. They all like people. That said, not everyone needs to be an extrovert. “We’re not dumping on you if the movies you like don’t align with ours. We all have a variety of interests. It’s a very open and non-judgemental place,” they shared.

Team members are also described as ‘smart,’ ‘driven,’ and ‘taking initiative.’ Many of them have done side passion projects. Because of their size, there is sometimes exciting ground-breaking work and sometimes un-glamourous stuff that just needs to get done, but they’re hard workers and make it happen without complaint.

Benefits and perks:
Medical, dental, and vision insurance.
Paid cell phone plan
Stipend for educational materials

North/Central Boulder, 7 blocks from downtown Pearl Street.

You might be their team’s missing puzzle piece if:
-You’ve been working in backend PHP web development for 6+ years. You know best practices and are excited to share and compare with others.
-You’ve know HTML/CSS and JavaScript, at least enough to tweak the front-end.
-You regularly use command line and git.
-You’re familiar with databases like MySQL or Postgres.
-You enjoy working with others. You don’t just want to put your headphones on and code all day. You like the idea of communicating, collaborating, brainstorming, and slowly sipping coffee with coworkers.

Non-necessary bonuses:
-You’re especially experienced with Laravel.
-You’ve used Vue.js as a frontend framework.
-You’ve deployed to Heroku.
-You’ve used tools like Vagrant, Webpack, Middleman, and WordPress.
You’ve harnessed MV* architecture, unidirectional data flow, and minimal class/object interfaces, and could give examples of what you’ve learned from each.