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We are a fast growing PR agency that is currently seeing a huge growth in business and because of this, we are seeking talented individuals to join our remote team on either long term or contract positions. We are currently seeking a WordPress developer with very strong backend and PHP skills and also an awesome front-end developer (css/html/javascript). We are also on the lookout for other great talent for future projects, so even if this job doesn’t look quite right for you, feel free to send me an email anyway to be considered for other projects starting in the next few weeks.


We are in the process of building a WordPress e-commerce platform for promoting wine, etc for corporate events. We need a talented PHP developer to come on and develop a very basic email campaign creator.

We currently have 4 user levels.

  1. admin
  2. regional partners
  3. event managers
  4. users

We need to create three different email interfaces to send out emails.

  • admins can send emails to everyone
  • regional partners can send emails to just their region
  • event managers can only send emails to those attending their event.

It should just be a simple form where they can fill out the email campaign info and then send.

Regional partners and event managers should not be able to actually see the users email addresses.

The return address would always be the same and can only be changed by admins, not regional partners and event managers.

We don’t know what would be best to use for this in terms of technology. Whether it would be something like Mandril or if we could use our business gmail account. We host our site on AWS.

How to apply

This project is very time sensitive and we are only looking for true professionals who can start immediately.

Must haves:

  • You will need to be available to interview later today or tomorrow and potentially start shortly after.
  • You must have fluent written and spoken English and be able to talk on Skype regularly. If you can’t talk on skype or similar then don’t appliy
  • Past experience working for an agency or as part of a remote team

Please answer or supply the following when applying:

  • Cover letter. Who you are, what you do/have done, for how long, etc
  • Details on how you would go about completing the project. the more detailed you are the more likely you are to get the job
  • Links to portfolio or past work. Pointing out any similar projects
  • Links to professional profiles. Linkedin, Upwork, etc
  • Link to code repositories. Github, Bitbucket, etc.
  • Internet speed:
  • Your hourly rate

The better your proposal the better you chances are of getting the job and thus more work in the future!

Please send your proposals to

All the best!