Perzonalization for WooCommerce – Recommendations in Real time


Perzonalization’s state of the art algorithm is now ready for use by the WooCommerce stores.

Install now and join our happy enterprise clients who have seen sales increases by 15%.

With the help of more than a billion pages we have personalized so far, we have learned that understanding the visitor is the key in personalizing an online store.

That is why we’re happy to say that we’re not a ‘yet another recommendation engine’. We not only analyse behaviours around products but also the visitor’s individual preferences and similar users’ preferences.

  • We track and micro-segment your visitors in real time.
  • We recommend each visitor the right content, at the right moment.
  • We offer a consistent experience across web and mobile.
  • We match visitors with similar tastes to come up with recommendations similar to a good-old friend’s advice.

What’s in it for you if you use Perzonalization?

  • Boost sales
  • Sell more products
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Help visitors find the right products

How do you set-up Perzonalization?

It only takes 3 clicks to install the app and then you step into our world of automated recommendations! No need to insert any codes or play with the styling of the app.

Which pages are used for Perzonalization?


The context of the visit is often ignored by the recommender systems; obviously that’s not us! We understand the visitor’s context or in other words ‘intention to visit’ and greet her with personalized recommendations on the homepage.

Category Page:

Let’s say a visitor browsed through a pair of shoes worth USD 150 in his last visit. When he visits the shoes category page, wouldn’t it mean lost sales or confusion for this guy to see USD 50 shoes? That is why we personalize the category pages according to the visitor’s previous behaviour and show him the products that he is likely to buy.

Product Detail Page:

If a visitor has landed on a product detail page, then we can assume that she already has something on her mind. We understand what kind of a page she’s visiting and we show her the best alternatives from that specific category.

No Results Search Page:

Search on online sites do not always yield results. Still; this page is important for the online retailer as that user is likely to convert if he is treated well. Showing personalized recommendations is a great way to motivate the visitor to browse through other pages even if his search was not successful.

Cart Page:

If the visitor has already added an item to her basket, she can as well add another one. With the help of our cross-category engine that keeps track of your stores’ baskets in real time, we know which categories are bought together. We use this information to display personalized cross recommendations; a great way to increase the size of the basket in the cart page.


Sending e-mails to your users not only ensures repeat purchases but also creates loyalty. With the Perzonalization app, you will now be able to insert personalized product recommendation widgets on your e-mails. The set of recommendations are formed not when the e-mail is sent but when the e-mail is actually opened by the user. By this way the results of the real time analysis form the ground for the products recommended.


After the free trial period of 14 days, the usage of Perzonalization WooCommerce plugin is $49.99/month. Please visit our plugin page for more details.

Note: Perzonalization’s personalization widgets only appear on dedicated pages/URLs of your store. Perzonalization only supports online stores using Latin alphabet.



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