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A simple consolidation of commonly used functionality all in one place. One plugin that does many simple things.

The PC Megaworks Plugin is a consolidation of commonly used functionality in one plugin. Many plugin makers make one thing and make it well. We aspire to do the same thing by providing simple capabilities in abundance.

There are hundreds of very simple features that are commonly desired, but not already built into a theme. There a litany of one-purpose plugins to remedy this obstacle that each need server time and space. By combining them into one plugin we hope to help optimize load time, and potentially improve site speed.

The time of death by a thousand plugins is over. Our plugin is extensible, and we make it better by adding features you suggest. Here’s what we have so far:

  • Customizable Google maps with groups to display multiple locations on one map (requires google account for API keys )
  • Customizable login form with post log in landing page specification, optionally
  • Customizable registration form with post registration landing page specification, optionally
  • Built in Debugging with on/off setting in case of trouble
  • Built in help desk so if something goes wrong, we’ll try to help you fix it
  • Admin groups and users for page and content controls, macro role management
  • Custom WordPress login logo, in the event you don’t need a custom login page
  • Mail blast with edit capability
  • Feature request form built in for convenience
  • Customizable “contact us” and “how are we doing” forms and controls, optionally
  • Http 404 redirects for popular pages that are moved, or for new sites where the URL structure is different. This can also be useful for multiple domain websites

Road Map

  • Broken link finder to locate any pages on your site which has unreachable link destinations
  • Missing image finder to make sure you don’t have any images that have been removed, or incorrectly named
  • Add custom registration email text with macro replacement for links and terms
  • Create multi-maps capability allowing multiple form groups to exist on a single page
  • Implement form conditional logic user interface for increased capabilities in simple form control
  • Build WIKI, and helpdesk ticket response interface from WordPress-admin backend to keep up with issues through the WordPress interface opposed to email contact.
  • Add wp-admin options restriction for roles, so simple WordPress capabilities can utilize hierarchical controls of user groups
  • Add custom admin group creation and WordPress role control tie in to allow any WordPress capability a unique control group
  • Add embedded HTML video player with display options and shortcode. This will include access control options and groups delegation to limit media content without limiting page access

Don’t see a feature you need? Contact us and it may be in our next release!



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