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Create documentation for any number of products, organized by product, and by sub-headings within each product. You can use this to create instruction guides for just about anything.

This is for you if any of these apply:

  • You need to create software documentation.
  • You need to create documentation for one or multiple products, and must have the docs organized neatly, by product.
  • You need to write instruction guides for virtually anything, whether it be products, games, topics, etc. You can label them as “Instructions” instead of “Docs”.
  • You don’t want to create a separate website for your docs. You simply want to add them on to your current WordPress site.

This plugin organizes your documentation articles into a visitor-friendly, browse-able format that fits right into your WordPress site. This takes the headache out of organizing documentation articles and instruction guides.

Built-in SEO

Documentation articles will have microdata. It adds TechArticle microdata to single Docs, and CollectionPage microdata to Docs archives. You can disable the microdata.

Documentation With a User-Friendly Structure For Your Visitors

The main “Docs Page” will list all the products. Clicking on a product will take you to the docs only for that product.

Each product’s docs are organized into subsections. The subsections list each individual article in that docs section.

A single docs post will have a Table of Contents widget added to the sidebar. This will show a Table of Contents for docs pertaining only to the product which this current single doc belongs to.

Organized Docs works on Multisite WordPress installations, as well as regular WordPress sites.

To Consider

This plugin focuses on 2 priorities: a user-friendly docs structure for your visitors, and fast, optimized pagespeed both on the front and back ends of your site (a very light footprint). So, we omit features that focus on backend ease and bloating. So, there is no drag-and-drop ordering of docs. This plugin uses categories to classify your docs rather than creating a whole new interface for docs.

Quick Start Guide

For support, use the support forum link above.



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