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Omega Instant Search for WooCommerce Search

Search delivers the right results in split of second. Autocomplete, search results, layered navigation filters. Great WooCommerce search!

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Omega Instant Search can turn your customers experience into pleasure and bring you a bunch of orders! It is smart and quality search in returning the right products and increasing your store sales.

Main features:

  1. High Searching speed: customers get quality search and see relevant search results in a split second.
  2. Autocomplete: Search-As-You-Type function in action! Completes customer search query automatically after entering first few symbols, effectively saving shoppers time!
  3. Automatic typos / misspellings correction while searching in a store: search amends typos on-the-go! No more empty search results due to customers’ misspellings: customers get relevant search results for every search query made.
  4. Mobile Optimized Search: works with any mobile device!
  5. Search for different content types: Seek and find everywhere within the entire store website. Products, Categories, Pages, Posts, etc can now get arranged results for each content type.
  6. Long-Tail Search: we can correctly search by SKU or Barcodes. For example, a product has a code ‘HD-3434-45’. Our search will find this item by any of the following combinations: ‘HD343445’, ‘HD 3434 45’, ‘HD-343445’ etc.
  7. Fallback search: Our search algorithm seeks for the full query first, and in case there’s no match, it suggests the results for broad terms. By this way, if we don’t have some specific product in our store, we can show alternatives.
  8. Stop words support
  9. Ability to create redirects: Frequently we want to direct a customer searching for something right to the particular page. This can easily be solved with creating redirects in our search settings. Also there is an opportunity of bulk import redirects from an Excel file.
  10. Singular/Plural/Morphology search
  11. Custom Layered Navigation Filters: Configuration is very flexible. You can easily configure layered navigation filters according to your own requirements.
  12. Rich Analytics: Our analytics panel can help you to get the following answers:
    • How many users used store search?
    • What did they search the most often?
    • What did they search but didn’t find?
    • Which phrases contained typos/misspellings and how were they replaced?
    • Which specifications were absent in a store and the Fallback Search worked out?
  13. Support of different themes and design customization opportunities: Our search out-of-box supports the most themes. That’s why right after installation it’ll naturally fit into your store design. In case you need to customize something, there is an opportunity to edit CSS and even templates.
  14. Fast Installation and Low Server Load: Thanks to all operations are handled on our servers, it’s easy to install our plugin. You don’t need to install any additional software like Sphinx or Solr. The additional perk: our plugin doesn’t load your server with heavy indexing and searching tasks. Most probably, your store will work faster thanks to this!
  15. High Indexing speed: You don’t need to wait for days while the scheduled database reindex will be launched! We index your store products almost in real-time! So you can make changes, add new items and in a few seconds your modifyings will be available in your customers search.

Advantages over other search solutions

  • You don’t need to install heavy Sphinx Engine, Solr or Elastic search. You don’t need to do complex configuration and pay your hosting provider for help. You don’t need to have a dedicated server to run search engine.
  • Our search does not consume resources of your server. We will not overload your server. All search queries are performed on our servers and final results are rendered in the browser by javascript.
  • Search is very fast. It returns results in few milliseconds.
  • Search can work with huge number of products, posts, documents, etc.
  • Our search solution has huge number of useful features, which are very important for your customers. For example, filters in the layered navigation allows to find necessary items in very intuitive way.

More Information

Check our demo!

Visit the Omega Commerce website for documentation and support.
Or contact us at and we’ll gladly try to help you!

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 25 mins ago
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