New big website on WordPress + WooCommerce + Custom theme from scratch


I need a new big website.
The common idea: members can add their specific products (real and digital) to sell, and other members of website can buy these items, can communicate with sellers etc… Something like social network based on the market.
Actually this website will be unique as far as this will be based on the unique business idea. Details will be provided after NDA signed with the shortlisted candidates.
Amount of buyers and sellers is not restricted. Each seller can sell his products (specific) – like ebay. But much more simplier. Just few categories to sell.
Payment processing : paypal and some common interface accepting credit cards.
Payouts to sellers will be made manually deducting website comission.
Messaging possibilities between seller and buyer.
Search of goods on website.

Seller profile and his products he is selling right now.
Rate seller and rate buyer system.

I prefer to build this on WordPress + woocommerce, with totally custom theme developed on PHP. If you are just WordPress + plugins installer – no sense to bid here. I need real PHP developer, who can develop functional theme from scratch on WordPress website.
Design is not included into the scope of this project and will be ordered separately. Just clean output and simple UI will be required.
Knowledges and experience required: PHP, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

The budget is not a big problem, the most important – that you are really professional and experienced PHP and WordPress developer. Quality of the work, stability and effective work of the system is the main criteria.

Payment conditions:
1) 30% at the beginning of the project (to ensure developer get some money and will not work on other projects during this one);
2) 20% once main concept and functionalities are finished and uploaded to the demo server for my review.
3) 20% once reviewed and work is really done (main concept and main functionalities).
4) 30% once everything is totally completed after my revisions and all the issues / bugs fixed, installed on my live server (LAMP).

Candidates should:
1) have experience with PHP + WordPress + Woocommerce. Good candidates will be shortlisted and asked to sign NDA. Then discussion of the project.
2) be honest and accurate person, willing to work hard and finish the project.
3) good communication skills, weekly progress reports.
4) portfolio with some WP development / PHP development works.
5) have identification proof certificate from to avoid some fraud and be sure to be working with real and serious person. So, please place the link of your certificate at your proposal if you already have this or signup and .verify yourself there.
6) write “got the point” at the beginning of your proposal to avoid some common copy/paste generic proposals.

All proposals not matching criterias above will be ignored.

If all is good and I will like your work – I will be glad to continue work with you, as far as I am planning to extend the project constantly adding new functionalities, and some other ideas too.

Waiting for proposals. Will start to review candidates from today till Sunday. Planning to start the project at the beginning of next week. So, hope for your quick communication.

Best Wishes,