Need a WooCommerce Extension or Plugin

I need a Woocommerce extension or WordPress plugin that will do like below. Only individual developer please who can communicate with me continuously via skype and I need update almost every time I ask. Also payment will be done after I see all is done.. No upfront payment . I need to see your ability first. I am also a developer so I know what it takes to do.. I just don’t have much time to work with this.

The Products in our WooCommerce are actually our clients, and our sales people place orders for graphics for our customers through these products.
What we need is for a developer to be able to integrate a points system into each of our “Products” or Dealers as we call them, that we can add to the product and will reset monthly.

So basically when a sales person places an order, it may be for 400 points, and that particular dealer may only have 1000 points per month. We need WooCommerce and WordPress to keep track of all this.

Additionally we would like a reporting functionality to list all of our dealers (Products), how many points they have used in a particular month, how many points they have left, etc.
Also need the functionality to add points to each dealer (product) that we can set up and also view a report that lists all the dealers (products) and how many points they have used in the current month, and how many they have left for the current month?