Moving the Open Languages Project Forward


Our website has been built in WordPress, and several programmers on freelancing websites have told me that it needs to be rebuilt, because WP is not scalable and won’t handle heavy traffic and complex databases. After discussing with WP experts I have decided not to re-build, but to keep in WordPress, fix bugs and ensure the code is clean and secure.

The site works generally well, but there are some bugs with the community upload system (shown in the video).
I would like these bugs fixed, as well as some expert, honest consultancy in terms of scalability and security of the site.

The site is already functional at To see the best content, please select: I speak English –> I want to speak a Romance Language –> Spanish.
A video that shows what we need to achieve is here:

I have had a lot of different advice over the years. What I need is someone who is very enthusiastic with WordPress, has vision and is honest about how to move forward. An interest in spoken languages and online learning, and an appreciation of what we are trying to achieve would be regarded highly.

Kind Regards,
CEO and Founder of the Open Languages Project