Mobile-first, site speed developer

Produce the highest quality, pixel-perfect, & fastest sites for our publishers to help them achieve their goals and help Once Coupled become an industry leader for front-end site speed expertise.

Self-manage project workflow & improvement schedule, communicate with clients, collaborate with team members, and self-motivate.


  • Convert between 2-4 Illustrator/InDesign mocks into fully-functional, visually-detailed, custom WordPress themes monthly.
    • Work within the current modular folder structure as taught by Tonya Mork,
    • Demonstrate mastery of CSS, HTML, & PHP languages with the ability to pick up new languages and technologies on own.
  • Deliver 75% of themes with green Google PageSpeed Insights scores.
    • Demonstrate adherence to coding best practices, including those set forth by WordPress.
    • Implement optimized image sizes and srcset conditional logic.
  • Reduce current custom theme development time by 30% within first six months.
    • Redevelop our custom themes into a single, site-speed focused starter theme/framework.
    • Iterate on our current workflow to increase project delivery rates by 100% in 9 months.
  • Deliver 100% of all projects on time while keeping revision work to less than 20% of the overall project budget through obsessive attention to detail and self-management skills.
    • Self-manage project workload while communicating potential issues and solutions with project manager before deliveries are blocked or delayed.
    • Communicate directly with clients via video consultations, email estimates, and Asana Q&As.

Role Competencies

  • Detail-Oriented
    • Our team produces the highest-quality themes & experiences in our niche. Our big-picture goal is to continually improve that level of quality through unparallelled attention to detail.
    • You should have experience completing complex projects while on a pressing deadline. You should also have experience explaining these complexities to others without jargon.
  • Forward-Thinking
    • Once Coupled team members need to be one step ahead of the situation at all times. For example, when creating functionality, how can it be written in an easily adaptable way to fit unstated needs of current & future clients?
    • You should have experience creating simple solutions to complex problems, ranging from project-specific hurdles to company-wide growth initiatives, ideally providing the solution before the problem presents itself.
  • Helpful, Thoughtful
    • We work in the best interest of our team & clients. Each team member is expected to support fellow coworkers and go above and beyond for clients.
    • You should have experience communicating with others in a confident, compassionate, and clear style. You should take responsibility for your own actions and assume oversights by others are due to your own mistakes.
  • Self-Starter
    • All team members experience a high level of autonomy and should thrive in this situation. Examples include self-teaching new skills, taking on creative initiatives, and vocalizing/acting on process improvements.
    • You should have experience learning new programming languages, developing new skills, and working within a small team of self-directed individuals with little operational oversight.



  • Asana
  • Genesis
  • Google (Docs, Hangouts, Sheets)
  • Slack
  • Toggl
  • WordPress