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Introduction to WordPress
This role is to help write the future by working in one of the fastest growing industries – WordPress.
WordPress now powers over 25% of the worldwide web, and should break the 30% barrier soon.

It shows no sign of stopping, and looks like becoming synonymous with the web itself, so everything connected to the internet (including online shops, mobile phone apps and “Web 3.0 smart objects” of the future, like connected fridges) is powered by WordPress.

And everything will need a backup – and there’s no other choice than UpdraftPlus. We’ve almost got a monopoly with the competition in decline with bad ratings.

Introduction to UpdraftPlus
UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin used to backup over 1 million websites around the world, including for companies like Microsoft, P&G and the NBA.

And it’s growing fast, with sales growing exponentially.

A good introduction can be found here by watching the intro video: and by reading the reviews here:

In the last year we’ve built a second plugin, UpdraftCentral ( . This is a way to manage, update and backup multiple websites from one place at one time. It saves power-users many hours of website maintenance work.

In theory, it could be adapted to become a better way of managing and putting together any WordPress website – if it catches on, this idea could be huge and have a massive impact on the fastest growing part of the web. And we’re in a strong position to think about this.

In the last 3 months we got a lot of press coverage for taking over WP Optimize, which is a well-loved plugin by over half a million: . It’s all about speeding up websites and making them leaner and faster.

You can see the team (two more should be added in the next couple of weeks) here: and also read about the story so far.

So now we have three major plugins and we’re Britain’s biggest WordPress plugin company, we’re looking to expand further and become #1 in the whole world – which would be crazy for a British company (most of the big guys are Silicon Valley or USA somewhere. We may need to rebrand with a home page for all the plugins (at the moment, our home page is just our main plugin). So like these guys :

There are lots of exciting developments coming up, and it’s a very good time to join the team for such a vast ongoing project.

It may seem small with only 11 team members, but we’re bigger in sales than XIBO – and scaling much faster. This is our sales graph over the last 4 years, with the pace of growth increasing recently:

Introduction to the job
This job involves:
• Variety – there’s lots of new projects that need doing, exposing to a wide range of areas in marketing, strategy and relationships
• Challenging – it involves a high level of pro-activity and only the best standards
• Dealing and coordinating real people – from marketing partners, press, new job candidates, developers, copy writers, designers, video editors and other expert professionals
• Lots of support and training, and trips to WordPress conferences like this one:
• Working with Joe on various of the below projects. Responsibilities can be shared according to interest and aptitude, as it’s too much for one person
Marketing responsibilities
• Improving cross-selling and up-selling on website, and in plugin and conversion rate optimisation. Basically this means improving the website, and measuring how this increases the revenues through AB testing.
• Marketing video production coordinator – light editing (optional) or working with professional to produce new videos for new products
• “How to” video production – coordinating script, voice-overs, screen casts
• FB and Google AdWords remarketing campaigns management, optimisation and monitoring
• Affiliate relations and marketing / expanding the affiliate scheme – this means dealing with real people and building relationships with the best. And finding more by redoing the advertising.
• Press relations – getting interesting stories published
• Helping Naomi (writer / editor) with content schedule and writing content that will get results. This will come by liaising with the developers to find the most interesting topics.
• Website work – e.g. creating new pages for new features and updating feature lists on website when new features are added
• Working with the developer to code adverts and other special free upgrade offers within the free plugin itself, to increase upgrades
• Monitoring the success of all of this and writing up reports
• Overseeing social media strategy (writing currently outsourced, but always more we can do to optimize).
Strategic responsibilities
• Partnerships. Contacting other plugins, themes or major publishing sites to strike mutually beneficial partnerships
• Recruitment
o Specifically making sure job vacancies are live on the best sites
o Reviewing applicants (all entered automatically on our online system), weeding out the bad ones and asking the good ones to take a coding test
o Coordinating David N or David A to review the tests, and narrowing the short list
• Information gathering to monitor effectiveness of development team
o Monthly updating a spreadsheet of development tasks completed, and consulting with David A to see how hard each task was to monitor team effectiveness (for use in quarterly reviews, feedback, motivation)
• Coordinating a network of freelancers for some of the tasks, e.g. financial, customer support

Career growth opportunity
It’s growing fast, so the responsibilities will grow with it. A bigger company means higher budgets for marketing and strategy, and spending and managing those resources. It means pay rises, management possibilities.
It seems crazy, but I’m not satisfied until we’re a big company like Facebook or Google making a very significant impact on the web – certainly more than any other company in Wales. With 1.5 million websites using our three plugins and more to come, it’s a great start.
And marketing, strategy and operations will be an integral part of this story.

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