Want to make sure that post’s author knows who really knows what they’re trying say? Mansplain in the comments.
What if a post is missing that one detail that only you know? Mansplain in the comments.
Was a post succinct and well-written? Probably not well enough, and you know what that means: Mansplain.

But what if you (accidentally, I’m sure) fail to indicate that you’re the savior when you comment? Let Mansplain fix that for you.

Mansplain helps keep your comment section technically correct (which we know is the best kind of correct) by prefixing comments
with an appropriately helpful phrase to let everyone know that this comment can be relied on to be accurate, helpful, and properly ‘splained. ?


This is a joke, but not really. If you’re tempted to comment on a post with one of these phrases, take a break and come back later with a clear head.

Add the plugin to your site. That’s it, nothing else to do.

Installation Instructions

Add the plugin to your site. That’s it, nothing else to do.


I know, right? You can thank @ipstenu for the inspiration. Thread starts here:

Can I change the ‘splains?

You sure can, with the handy 'mansplainer_splains' filter. It’s an array of strings that get run through esc_html, so keep ’em clean of markup.

Is this for real?

Well, yes. It’s a real plugin, with real examples of core and custom filters, and very real examples of how not to talk to people.

“Mansplainer” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Initial release, in case you didn’t already know that.



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