Make my site rank on Google

I am so frustrated. I have been working my site and doing what I thought I was told to do and the only way my page is even on Google is because its a company and I use maps. MY fricken Google + page ranks higher. Now it would be so easy if IO have $5000 or even $1000 to drop in a developers lap to work his magic. But the whole reason I have a page is for work and to make money to just survive, I just dont understand SEOs, Tags, rankings, etc etc blah blah blah. Does anybody know an inexpensive way to get ranked. Maybe if somebody has a company who does this and if you have employees, we could trade services. Every company with employees needs an Occupational Health and Safety Manual and Company program. Thats what I do in BC Canada. And just downloading one doesnt cut it in the eyes of the legislative Governing bodies. They have to be tailored to each company, location, number of employees, industry and hazard and risk factors. Ive got my skills you have your, wanna trade services. I need help bad.