Long Term WordPress Developer


We’re seeking an experienced WordPress developer for a long term role on our marketplace site.

Take a look at the site: sofiagray.com

Before we go into the tasks that you’ll have to do, I’ll give you a little background into the site.

We currently charge a subscription fee for both the buyers and sellers. The sellers purchase their subscription and that unlocks the ability for them to post items. Buyers pay a subscription and they unlock the ability to contact sellers and reveal locked images.

We currently use Woocommerce to accept payments. Both the buyers and sellers purchase a Woocommerce product to unlock their features.

Right now we’re looking to implement live chat on the site, so that buyers are able to chat with sellers when they are online. This should also include the ability to see what sellers are online at any give time.

We’re also looking to introduce a facebook type wall to the sellers profiles, so they are able to give status updates, posts images etc with the buyers being notified of their updates.

Also, our current filtering system takes a while to load. Our previous developer has said this is due to the memory that is taking up. We’re hoping that the filtering system can be optimised to decrease loading time.

We’re also looking to use a theme on just our about us and contact pages, is this possible? It would save us from having the pages redesigned.

Have a look at these issues and reply with what your thoughts are, how you would take action and other comments you may have.

We’ll have a number of tasks following this and should be a steady stream of work.