[Long term job] Our new SaaS Service : Serverless Framework, Vue.js, Docker, and WordPress :)


## Overview
– We’re looking for a member who can support developing our new SaaS service with us. We’re a Japanese startup located in Tokyo.
– We’ll tell the detail of the service when you contact us.
– Mainly, I want to ask you to develop app frontend and server-side (Node.js and Vue.js)
– We’ve just finished our version 1.0. And there are many additional tasks.
– Full remote team – so you can work from your house
– We’re using cutting-edge web technologies – so I think you can enjoy the work ?
– CEO (me) is also a developer and our CTO is expert on Docker and server-side language. So overall, we’re a team that respects technologies and developers.

## Technologies we’re using
– Serverless Framework (Node.js)
– Vue.js SPA (Webpack)
– AWS services
– ECS / Docker
WordPress (We provide hosting services for WordPress)

## The development flow
– Github issue based development
– We’re also using Slack daily and Skype and so on for weekly video meeting
– So basically, we communicate fully remotely

## The fee and hours that you should spend on
– ۴۰hours per week ( = About 160 hours per month)
– $۲k – $۳k (USD) per month

## Requirements
– A soul that respect enjoying our team development!!
– An openmind to improve product’s quality.
– Experience developing for Javascript more than 3 months