JSM's Screenshot Machine Shortcode


Use the ssm shortcode in your content with the following arguments:

  • key=”account key”
  • url=”website url”
  • size=”size letter” (default=T)
  • format=”gif” (default=jpg)
  • days=”cache expiration” (default=14)
  • wait=”wait in ms” (default=200)
  • title=”href title”
  • link=”yes” (default=yes)
  • target=”link target” (default=_blank)
  • refresh=”yes” (default=yes)

You can find the account key on your Screenshot Machine account/settings page.

The website url is the web page URL to capture into a screenshot.

Valid size letter values are:

  • T = Width 120 x Height 90
  • S = Width 200 x Height 150
  • E = Width 320 x Height 240
  • N = Width 400 x Height 300
  • M = Width 640 x Height 480
  • L = Width 800 x Height 600
  • X = Width 1024 x Height 768

gif is the image format to use (default is jpg).

cache expiration is the number of days a screenshot should be used before a new one is created.

wait in ms is the number of milliseconds to wait before capturing the screenshot.

href title is the title text for the image alt and link title.

The link yes/no value will determine if the image is linked to the web page URL or not.

The link target default will open links in a new window/tab. An empty string, ‘_self’, ‘_top’, ‘_parent’, and a framename are also valid.

The refresh parameter includes javascript to retry the image every second until it’s available (for a maximum of 10 seconds).


[ssm key="abc123" url="https://surniaulula.com/extend/plugins/screenshot-machine-shortcode/" size="S"]



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