Join me to create a Revolutionary Buddypress Plugin based on the Blockchain


I am seeking a senior Buddypress plugin developer familiar with RESTful APIs and some knowledge of the Ethereum blockchain. English speaking would also be useful although not required. My project has been chosen as one of the Open Simple Token ( Alpha II: Developer Proof Of Concept projects

This project will create a Buddypress Crypto Plugin that integrates the OST Branded Token transactions of earn, reward, buy, transfer and spend, through the OST API, into any Buddypress Social Network site. This plugin will give individual Buddypress Social Networks the capabilities of member funding through paid content upvotes (likes), monetized awards, shopping (with token purchases) and member to member or company to member token exchanges. OST Tokens are tied to Ethereum and traded on various crypto-currency exchanges so they can easily be converted to Fiat currency. Site funding via advertising or subscriptions will be eliminated.

A good example of this new method of funding Social Network sites using the blockchain can be seen at ( The big difference between Steemit and my Buddypress Crypto Plugin is that Steemit is a centralized network like Facebook and the Buddypress Crypto Plugin will give autonomous social networks similar capabilities.

This is a fast moving project that has to be completed by May 25th, 2018. I need to hire a developer by April 26th.

Preferred Qualifications – Expert Level Freelancers Only

Required Skills and Expertise – CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Buddypress and a basic understanding of the Ethereum blockchain.

A final payment of $5K in June 2018 upon completion and acceptance by OST. Terms to be discussed with serious candidates.



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