Always make a backup before install it and always test it in a dev enviroment.

Make shure you have PHP 5.3 >=, better if you have PHP >= 7.0 (PHP 7 is awesome 😉 ).

If you have any trouble open a ticket.

If you have any feature requests or code issue open a ticket on github.

ItalyStrap will add powerful features to your WordPress site.

ItalyStrap is also on github.


I developed this plugin with many features because I need them in all sites created for my clients, it also extends the ItalyStrap Theme Frameworks functionality but it works fine with all WordPress themes.

Think about ItalyStrap like a Jetpack with many functionality that make your site more powerful and extensible, for example: Lazyload for image with srcset support, widget and shortcode for Twitter Bootstrap Carousel (with lazyload support), widget for displaying lists of posts type with a lot of options and so on, see above for the full list of featured.

This plugin is fully developed in OOP. It utilizes DI Container, Dependency Injection, Polymorphism, Inheritance, etc.
If you are a developer you can extend it with his API (Dev docs coming soon).

Skills required

Some functionalities need to be personalized with lines of code, for example if you use the new widget for displaying posts you have to add your own CSS style to make it look like your site (you can add it in ItalyStrap > settings > Style > Custom CSS or in your theme style.css), I’m working on building some basic code snippets and documentation, but I need a lot of time to do it, please be patient with me :-).

ItalyStrap will always be free

This is my thanks for what WordPress has given to me.

Get involved

If you want to contribute click here do a fork and do a pull request to the Dev branch 🙂

Want to try the beta functionality?

To do so you can add define( 'ITALYSTRAP_BETA', true ); to your wp-config.php file, REMEMBER that you have to do this in a development enviroment, do not do this in a production site and do always a backup.

Features included:

  • Breadcrumbs Make your WordPress site SEO friendly with Breadcrumbs and and get Google rich snippet in SERP, fully customizable for your purpose (ItalyStrap breadcrumbs class is 10 times faster than Yoast Breadcrumbs 😉 ).

  • Carousel Forked from Agnosia Bootstrap Carousel by AuSoft with my many improvements. Add Bootstrap carousel in

    shortcode with attribute type="carousel" and many functionality, it works only if you have Twitter Bootstrap CSS and JS or ItalyStrap framework installed. It will not include the files for you, so if they are not present, the carousel will not work. The carousel is provided by shortcode and widget.

  • LazyLoad Lazy load images to improve page load times and server bandwidth. Images are loaded only when visible to the user. This functionality is forked from lazy-load plugin with my improvements. It also work with ItalyStrap Bootstrap Carousel, srcset and sizes.

  • Local Business A simple Widget to add Local business in your widgetized themes (sidebar, footer, …)
    This widget will add microdata information about your site for SEO purposes.
    This widget was present in my ItalyStrap starter theme forked from Roots theme with some improvements of mine, now I’ve done more improvements thank to this tool shared from Luca Bove on googleplus.

  • Posts Widget This adds a widget for displaying posts with a lot of options, you can create a related posts, posts from any taxonomies, pages, and mmore, in a future release you have also the power to change the template.

  • Custom Style Now you can add your custom style in single page or in the entire site, you can also add custom css class and ID attribute in single page or in the site.

  • Google Analytics You can add Google Analytics snippet to your theme, this is a simple functionality that add the GA snippet to wp_footer hook

  • And many more



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