Heimdal PRO 2.2.163

Heimdal PRO uses Internet traffic scanning to keep you safe against ransomware, financial Trojans, data-stealing malware and other threats that antivirus can’t detect. Heimdal PRO protect you from attacks that antivirus can`t block!

Protect your computer from 2nd generation malware
Nowadays, 75% of cyber attacks are brand new and unlisted in antivirus databases. They’re also designed to sneak past your antivirus and infect your PC.

Sanitize your Internet traffic to block malicious traffic
You don’t need help when your computer is already infected. You need it not to happen in the first place!

Keep your financial data and confidential information safe
Cyber attackers want to infect your computer and also steal the sensitive information on it. Financial malware is especially created to do this.

Save time and enhance your security with automated software updates
Not many people know this, but updating software blocks up to 85% of web attack angles. However, we know updates are a hassle, but Heimdal can fix that.

Protect your digital life from attacks you don’t even notice
You may think you don’t visit risky websites, but Heimdal PRO may reveal something different.

Experience a safer web, just as fast (as before)
At Heimdal, we focus on making cyber security simple. So Heimdal PRO is easy to install and takes just a minute or two to set up.