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GeoDeals for GeoDirectory

For users of GeoDirectory. Edit your Special Offers field using a visual text editor. Also, manage and schedule offers using start and end dates.

This simple plugin will add a visual text editor and deal scheduler to the Special Offers custom field. It converts content to html. It lets you schedule multiple deals. For example, create monthly deals, year long deals, holiday deals and more.

Latest Features

Build Your Own iPhone and Android Mobile App for GeoDirectory (Premium feature)

Do you want to have a native mobile app as a companion for your GeoDirectory website? Now you can. Get the TSL Mobile App Manager plugin to design your mobile app for your GeoDirectory website. Works with WordPress. Upgrade to the TSL Pro Plan when you are ready to submit your app to Apple and Google app stores. (requires the purchase of the Pro Plan. Enables publishing your mobile app to make it available to users.)
GeoDeals for GeoDirectory lets you include a special offer feature in your mobile app.

Use Shortcodes to Display or Hide Listings with Special Offers

Now you can display special offers on a single page. Add the geodeals shortcode parameter to show and hide all your special offers.
To show listings with available offers, add the shortcode parameter geodeals=”1” to your gd_listings shortcode – for example [gd_listings post_type=”gd_dining” list_sort=”az” geodeals=”1”]
To show listings without available offers, the shortcode parameter geodeals=”2” to your gd_listings shortcode – for example [gd_listings post_type=”gd_dining” list_sort=”az” geodeals=”2”]