Gallery Limb

Gallery Limb is a very effective WordPress image gallery plugin which allows you to make creative photo and video galleries with responsive layouts and customizable styles. The process of the photo and video gallery creation is very easy and enjoyable due to its high speed and the fact that the main actions of the gallery plugin, such as adding images and preview images to a gallery or an album are animated movements. Limb Gallery have 4 different views for gallery and 3 views for album. Moreover, one gallery can be published multiple times with different themes and options and you can also collapse the galleries into the albums and publish them, too. The Gallery has a single page admin which enables you to control everything just from one single page. It also has a very functional built-in uploader which accelerates the process of the gallery and album creation with the help of its advanced functions, such as uploading, renaming, deleting images and creating folders. Finally, Limb Gallery has a very important characteristic which is the opportunity to choose the exact pro-features of the gallery plugin that you need without purchasing the others.

Gallery Demos with free features

*Thumbnail Gallery
*Thumbnail Album
*Polaroid Gallery
*Carousel Gallery
*Carousel Instagram Gallery
*Carousel Video Gallery
*Masonry Vertical Gallery
*Masonry Vertical Video Gallery
*Masonry Vertical Album
*Masonry Horizontal Gallery
*Masonry Horizontal Video Gallery
*Masonry Horizontal Album
*Video gallery
*Social gallery
*Mix album
*Lightbox with share buttons

Gallery Demos with pro features

*Mosaic Gallery
*Mosaic Album
*Lightbox With Comments
*Lightbox With Filmstrip

Gallery Usage Examples

*Photographer Album
*Product Gallery
*Cafe 86 Instagram Gallery

Gallery shortcode

The shortcode function of the gallery plugin allows to publish one gallery in multiple ways due to many editable options. The function also gives the opportunity to set the type of layout for gallery and parameters based on the chosen view type. Moreover, the main options for the creation of the lightbox are also in the shortcode function.

Custom order with “Drag and Drop”

With drag and drop the order of images in the gallery can be custom. No matter when the image was added to gallery, it can easily get a new order.

Video Gallery

Social and video galleries are also available. Gallery can be created via YouTube and Vimeo videos and can include Instagram photos/videos and Flickr photos, too.

Gallery Lightbox

The lightbox with high functionality allow to view images, create slideshows with multiple effects. There are also options which enable social sharing which help users to share images in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The comments function allow to post comments to images in gallery.

Gallery pageination

Pagination can be produced with following ways: scrolling, numbers, load more button.

Gallery responsive layouts

Plugin is fully responsive, so users can view it on any device.