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American Design & Development in Highland Park ( is recruiting a contract WordPress Developer, with express knowledge of PHP and the LAMP stack, to assist with both new and existing WordPress projects. Typical workflow would entail receiving design comps and converting into a custom WordPress theme. There are also plenty of smaller features and fixes across our client sites for you to address.

There are no ‘years of experience’ requirements. We’re looking for applicants who know their stuff and can provide visual examples of exemplary work. Tech stack includes:

  • Editors / IDE: Dealer’s choice. We use Sublime Text.
  • Version Control Systems: We use Git via Github. At least one client uses Gitlab. Any other familiarity is a bonus.
  • Package Managers: We use npm and Bower where applicable.
  • Linters, JavaScript preprocessors, and Minificators: Dealer’s choice. Just looking for clean, logical, error-free code.
  • CSS Preprocessors: We use SASS on almost ever project.
  • Task runners: We use Gulp on most projects.
  • CSS frameworks: We use ZURB’s Foundation on almost every project. Knowledge of Bootstrap and beyond a plus.
  • JavaScript frameworks: React is a big leg-up with the new editor in WordPress 5.0. Others may be incorporating these in the future, so anything in your toolbelt is a bonus.
  • JavaScript Libraries: Often employing jQuery, various animation plugins, and beyond. Should know javascript well enough to understand most scripts.
  • Hosting: Most often working with WP Engine and now starting with Kinsta. No matter the context, will need to know how to debug PHP errors and performance issues, sometimes in concert with hosting technicians.
  • WordPress Plugins: ACF a must. WooCommerce experience preferred. Should be able to write custom plugins as well.

Professional qualities we love:

  • Always ready to improve and learn
  • Confidence when you’re right; Confidence when you’re wrong
  • Will-figure-it-out attitude
  • Communicative, articulate, and able to follow through on deadlines
  • Able to anticipate issues, questions, and requests before they come up in the development process
  • Tests work thoroughly across environments before passing for review
  • Love for what they, and what we, do!

Searching for individual (ie, non-company), Los Angeles-local candidates as the goal in the long run is to hire someone full-time.

Applicants should send a brief intro, why we should consider you for the position, and some links to previous work.



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