This is a plugin directed primarily at type designers, foundries or resellers using WordPress to showcase their fonts.

The plugin allows you to embed interactive webfont specimens on your site via shortcodes. Users can preview, type with,
and switch the webfonts in a preview, as well as use other interface options to manipulate the font sample.

After installing the plugin and creating a Fontsampler, you are able to showcase a set of webfonts by adding a simple
[fontsampler id=123] shortcode to any page or post.

More information and clickable examples available on the plugin website.

Features include:

  • Interactive text field where users can type to preview the font
  • Controls for switching between fonts (if several are added to one Fontsampler)
  • Slider controls for manipulating font size, letter spacing & line height
  • Customizable dropdown with preset texts
  • Automatic detection and controls for testing Opentype features
  • Switches for alignment and inverting the text and background color
  • Support for any language script and script direction
  • Supports woff2, woff, eot and ttf files
  • Unlimited Fontsamplers per page
  • Customizable interface layout
  • Customizable interface styling (colors)



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