Feature required for http://wpstorelocator.co Plugin


Hi, I need to customize the plugin for WordPress https://wpstorelocator.co

For better explanation I have created 3 stores (store1,store2,store3) in 3 categories each (cat1,cat2,cat3). store1 is cat1, store2 is cat2 and store3 is cat3.

With the shortcode [wpsl] it shows the stores. “Captura de pantalla 2018-05-08 a la(s) 23.36.34.png”

The plugin permits to filter the store locations to a selected categories, but if you do this filter with [wpsl category=”cat1,cat2″] the plugin removes the dropdown menu to select the categories in the search box and show all stores in cat1 and cat2. “Captura de pantalla 2018-05-08 a la(s) 23.38.42.png”

I was able to show again the dropdown menu to select the categories commenting the lines 1350 to 1352

// if ( isset( $this->sl_shortcode_atts[‘js’][‘categoryIds’] ) )
// return;

But the plugin refuses to filter if you search in a particular category, always shows the entire list filtered only by the shortcode category=”cat1,cat2″. Captura de pantalla 2018-05-08 a la(s) 23.43.08.png

I neet the ability to use the shortcode [wpsl category=”cat1,cat2″] showing the dropdown category filter (done) and that the filter if you search a particular store, input the search location and selecting a particular category, show only stores in the category selected instead all categories in cat1 and cat2 categories.

I have uploaded a demo to http://wpsl.sandmann.com.ar that shows the plugin working. If you need the credential to access the site please sent me a message.

Is a small modification but I am stuck with this, and I have a small budget.