F-Secure KEY 4.6.118


F-Secure KEY safely stores your passwords, user names and other credentials so that you can access them wherever you are through one master password. Your personal data is strongly encrypted locally in the device to keep it safe, and all F-Secure KEY servers used to securely synchronize your passwords across devices are owned and operated by F-Secure within the European Union.

Ever forgot a password or struggled to remember your social security number or the PIN code for your credit card? KEY is here to help! Store all your important credentials in one secure password manager.

Just set your Master Password, and that is the only password you’ll ever need to remember. Did you know that re-using the same password for multiple services is a security risk? F-Secure KEY password generator creates strong, unique passwords for you. No need to memorize them — KEY does that for you. To use KEY on all your devices, upgrade to KEY PREMIUM.

F-Secure KEY Features:

  • Store all your passwords, logins, emails, PIN codes and other credentials securely
  • Generate strong passwords for your services and accounts
  • Follow the news feed to stay up-to-date on major hacking incidents
  • Auto-fill your passwords on log-in pages in your web browser (Android, PC, Mac)
  • No need to worry: strong encryption protects all your data

Note: Cannot connect other devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) in the unregistered version.

Also Available: Download F-Secure KEY for Mac