Envato Elements Now Gives You Access to 240+ Web Design eBooks


We web designers are always reading, trying to gain that extra knowledge to improve our skills. It’s that constant flow of learning that helps us to become better at our job (and make more money while we’re at it).

One of the challenges we often face is searching around for reputable learning information. It can be time-consuming and you don’t always know if what you’re reading is accurate.

You may know Envato Elements from their incredible library of design assets.

Well, they’ve made things even better by expanding their unlimited service to include a Tuts+ subscription that includes over 240 eBooks. Now you can find everything you need to both get projects done and continue educating yourself all for one low-priced monthly subscription.

Exciting Topics, Trusted Sources

Exciting Topics, Trusted Sources

Tuts+ offers a collection of eBooks that will help designers develop their technical and creative skills. What’s more, these titles come from some of the top publishers in the industry, including A Book Apart, Packt and Smashing Magazine. That means you’ll learn from some of the most knowledgeable and trusted names out there.

The eBooks offered run the gamut of essential topics, including:

  • Accessibility
  • Atomic Design
  • Command Line
  • Content Strategy
  • Creativity
  • CSS Grid
  • Git
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Design
  • Running a Web Design Business
  • Sass
  • Sketch
  • SVG
  • UX
  • Web Typography
  • WordPress

With access to this collection, you’ll have the opportunity to learn both the classic fundamentals and cutting-edge skills you need to up your game. Whether you want to shore up existing skills or learn something completely new, Tuts+ has you covered.

And because it’s included with your subscription to Envato Elements, you’ll have unlimited access to every single eBook. You can learn on your own time and at your own pace. That’s great for busy designers who have other responsibilities. The entire collection will be ready whenever you are.

Titles at a Glance

Titles at a Glance

With over 240 eBooks to choose from, we can’t possibly go through all of them here. But we can give you a taste of the type of high-quality titles you can expect with an Envato Elements subscription:

JavaScript for Web Designers
Author Mat Marquis of A Book Apart aims to help you learn the fundamentals of JavaScript in an approachable way. Even if you have a bit of trepidation about the challenge, this eBook will help you build confidence as your skills improve.

User Experience Revolution
Paul Boag’s eBook for Smashing Magazine will help you advocate for the importance of a great UX. You’ll learn techniques for convincing clients and colleagues to put users first.

Customizing WordPress
Smashing Magazine’s guide will show you how to make a WordPress site that reflects your creative vision. You’ll learn about essentials like creating custom templates, post types and what it takes to make your own plugins.

Angular 2 Cookbook
Packt Publishing brings the most important concepts of Angular 2 for you to conquer. You’ll get the fundamentals, along with more advanced details.

Designing for Emotion

Written by Aaron Walter for A Book Apart, this eBook will show you how to stop designing for machines and start designing for humans. Packed with relevant principles and concepts, you’ll learn to create a connection with users through design.

Powerful eBooks…and so Much More

Powerful eBooks…and so Much More

A subscription to Envato Elements provides you with everything you need to be a complete web designer. Design assets like templates, graphics, photos and fonts are go-to creative resources for any project. And now the addition of a Tuts+ subscription means that you have access to the eBook library, plus over 1,000 video courses and a total of 24,000+ ad-free online tutorials.

Subscribe today and gain unlimited access to some of the most valuable resources out there. You’ll be a better designer for it.


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