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Entry Expiration for Gravity Forms

Automatically remove old form entries on a custom, defined schedule

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms makes entry deletion more powerful and more!

Entry Expiration started out as a simple tool to automatically remove your old form entries. But what if you need more control over when entries are deleted? Want to apply conditional logic to target specific entries? Need to generate an export file before getting rid of those entries?

Check out Entry Automation today!

When integrating Gravity Forms with a third-party service, it’s often not necessary to keep entries around after a short period of time as you already have the data imported elsewhere.

Entry Expiration for Gravity Forms allows you to automatically delete Gravity Forms entries older than a defined timeframe. After activating the plugin, set the oldest age for an entry on the Entry Expiration Settings page. At midnight, the plugin will delete all entries on enabled forms that are older than the time you set.

Requires: 3.9.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 4 mins ago
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