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Encyclopedia is the state of the art WordPress encyclopedia / lexicon / glossary / wiki / dictionary plugin which enables you to create, manage and present a knowledge base, completely fused in your WordPress and fully compatible with all the cool publishing tools you like. Really!

Enjoy the easy way to manage your contents with WordPress in combination with a whole bunch of smart features like automatically term linking in your websites contents. Additionally an own glossary gives search engines more content which results in better rankings for you!


Read the feature list below or take a look at the screenshots!

Facts & Features

  • Manage and organize your terms as encyclopedia, lexicon, glossary, Wiki, dictionary or knowledge base
  • Automatically generated index page with all terms, sorted alphabetically, with prefix filter on top (optional)
  • Every term has its own page with unique URL
  • SEO conform URL structure for all kind of pages
  • Tags and categories¹ to classify your terms (both tags and categories are disjunct from your post tags and post categories)
  • Prefix filter (A|B|C…X|Y|Z) above single view and archive index page which allows a letter-by-letter term filtering
  • Works with Latin, Arabian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, and all other UTF-8 compliant languages!
  • Automatic association of related terms (based on common tags)
  • Automatic linking of all your terms appearing in your post and page contents (cross linking)
  • You can define the window target of the links of the automatically linked terms¹
  • Selectable content types (pages, posts, media, custom posts types) in which the terms should be linked automatically¹
  • Completely translatable – .pot file is included
  • Already available in German, French, Spanish, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian
  • Supports WPML flawless and enables you to create a multilingual knowledge base
  • Supports the WordPress theme template hierarchy and the parent-child-theme paradigm
  • Supports user defined HTML templates
  • Supports revisions for your terms – perfect if you have multiple authors¹
  • Supports term comments¹²
  • Supports featured images as term thumbnails¹²
  • Supports excerpts for your entered terms (the same way you already know from regular posts)
  • Supports WordPress user rights and capabilities¹
  • Supports the WordPress menus and enables you to add all components of your encyclopedia to any menu
  • Supports RSS feeds for the index page and for the comments
  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Flawless integration of audio, video, multimedia elements and shortcodes in the content of your terms
  • Search function for exclusive searching in encyclopedia or glossary terms
  • Widget to display the exclusive encyclopedia search in the sidebar
  • Auto-complete and term suggestions for search phrases¹
  • Automatic redirect of a user to the term page if he searches for an exact term title
  • Widget to display the terms in your sidebar
  • Widget to display the tag and categories of your encyclopedia in the sidebar
  • Includes a bunch of filters to give you the control of the behavior of this piece of code
  • Import and export directly via the official “WordPress Importer” by Automattic Inc.
  • Works great with WordPress Multisite
  • Personal one-on-one real-time support by the developer¹
  • No ads or branding anywhere – perfect white label solution¹

¹ Available in Encyclopedia Pro.
² Your theme needs to support this too.

Use cases

  • Dictionary – Create a dictionary of specifically used terms on your site.
  • Tooltip – Add links and title description to predefined terms that are contained in your site.
  • Knowledge base – Create a knowledge base of useful terms and definitions.
  • Encyclopedia – Build an internal encyclopedia for your site.
  • Synonyms – Keep and displays synonyms of terms that you are using.
  • Lexicon – Build a lexicon of terms.
  • Vocabulary – Build a vocabulary of custom words and expressions.
  • Explanations – Explain the meanings of words in your posts or pages.
  • Translate – Translate terms and definitions into any defined language using Google Translate.
  • Wikipedia – Add Wikipedia content to your site.
  • YouTube/Vimeo – Show YouTube / Vimeo videos in your terms.
  • Music – Include mp3 voice or music file for each term.

Getting started / First aid

  1. View Installation guide on WordPress.org
  2. View Frequently Asked Questions on WordPress.org
  3. View the Encyclopedia Pro documentation
  4. Get exclusive personal one-on-one support


You can find the settings page in your Dashboard -> Settings -> Encyclopedia.

Template files

All plugin outputs can be changed via user defined HTML templates. Just put the templates you want to overwrite inside your theme folder (no matter if parent theme or child theme). You can find the default templates in the plugin folder in “templates/”. You can find a list of the available template files in documentation of the pro version. Please do not modify the original templates! You would lose all your modifications when updating the plugin!

Questions and support requests

Please use the support forum on WordPress.org only for this free lite version of the plugin. For the pro version there is a separate support package available. Please do not use the WordPress.org support forum for questions about the pro version or questions about my services! Of course you can hire me for consulting, support, programming and customizations at any time.


  • This Plugin is available in English.
  • Diese Erweiterung ist in Deutsch verfügbar. (Dennis Hoppe)
  • Cette extension est traduite en français. (Gilles Santacreu)
  • Ta wtyczka jest dostępna po Polsku. (Andrzej Opejda)
  • Plugin ini tersedia dalam Bahasa Indonesia (Nasrulhaq Muiz)
  • Este plugin está disponible en español. (Fátima Da Silva)
  • Dette istikket er omsett til nynorsk. (Erik Bolstad)
  • Este plugin está disponível em português. (Mauro Mascarenhas)
  • Deze plugin is beschikbaar in het Nederlands. (Erik-Jan Kuipers)

Translate this plugin

If you have translated this plugin in your language or updated the language file please feel free to send me the language file (.po file) via E-Mail with your name and this translated sentence: “This plugin is available in %YOUR_LANGUAGE_NAME%.” So I can add it to the plugin and a link to your website to this page.

You can find the Translation.pot file in the language/ folder in the plugin directory.

  • Copy it.
  • Rename it (to your language code).
  • Translate everything.
  • Send it via E-Mail to < Translation [@t] DennisHoppe [dot] de >.
  • Thats it. Thank you! =)

Real life examples

Limitations of the lite version

The most features are available but you cannot select every option. You will find a small notice for each unavailable option on the settings page. The maximal number of encyclopedia terms is limited to twelve.



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