Efficient and Pleasing Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress

Calendar plugins figure are popular plugins installed by many websites. They can be used for a number of purposes – displaying events, showing upcoming events, inviting and receiving registrations, accepting bookings, scheduling events and much more.

From simple calendars that merely display events, to complex ones that take care of registrations, bookings and venues, there are a number of plugins that you can choose from.

Event calendars are a way of keeping visitors or people in a group informed of upcoming events like family gatherings, parties, weddings, important school dates and anything else of interest to the group. A business can use it to keep team members in the loop about meetings, conferences, seminars, business lunch dates or to advertise events to visitors. These calendars can be included in a widget or in any page or post in your website.

While picking out a plugin to add to your website, you should check out if it has some important features. If it is simply events you want to display, your task of choosing a plugin should be easy. There are a number of free plugins in the WordPress plugins directory that can do this efficiently.

Many plugins come with added features like being responsive, integration with external resources like Google calendar and Twitter, customization, import and export of events, sale of tickets and more. So, if a particular feature is important to you, make sure it is included in the plugin that you pick.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a popular plugin available for free in the WordPress Directory. It allows you to share events with your team or community or any other group of persons. It is a well crafted, tried and tested plugin.

The Events Calendar 1

Without having to use code, you can set up your calendar quickly and start sharing events almost immediately. It works equally well for large organizations like universities, where many events are shared with thousands of persons or with a small website owner displaying special dates. It has been tested with high traffic websites.

You can view the calendar in day mode or in month mode. Google Maps can display the venue, and an upcoming events widget can be added. You can search for events and save venues and organizers. To save your self some time and effort, the settings for recurring events should be saved. It uses AJAX for smooth scrolling and is completely responsive.

The Events Calendar 2 (1)

Developers will find the plugin particularly useful in building websites. Skeleton stylesheet, template tags, hooks and filters are all provided. A library of code snippets is available on GitHub.

Events Calendar Pro will add additional viewing formats to your calendar. Add-ons will help with recurring events, ticket sales, Facebook event integration and more. You can search for the location of the event and add additional custom fields.

The purchase price for the premium version is $89 to $299.

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar is a visually pleasing calendar display that works efficiently. You can control the calendar from your WordPress Admin. Both free and premium versions are available. Some features are restricted in the free version.

All-in-One Event Calendar 1

Public users can submit events via the frontend directly or after your approval. An upcoming events widget can be displayed in the sidebar or footer. Events can be displayed in multiple formats and sub calendars can be created and shared using filters.

You can import events from any other calendar supporting iCal format. You can organize your calendar in color coded categories. Different colors can be assigned to different regions, age groups, or on any other basis. Users can save events to a wishlist of their own. Events can be made attractive with posters and videos.

All-in-One Event Calendar 2

Events can be promoted on social media by adding hashtags. Events can be displayed on a map, making it easier for users to find the venue. The calendar themes are customizable. If you connect it to MailChimp, you can send out and periodical newsletters right from your calendar.

The premium version is available for $94 per year.

My Calendar

My Calendar is an easy to use, customizable plugin. You can have many individual calendars within WordPress multisite. Calendars can simply show as lists of forthcoming events. Or they can be displayed by categories, locations or author.

My Calendar 1

Calendar can be viewed in grid or list format. Events can be viewed in monthly, daily or weekly views. For compact views, you can have mini calendars. Widgets are available for upcoming events, mini calendars, today’s events or event search.

Developers can use this plugin to create customized calendars, as the CSS style and Java Script can be edited. The Shortcode generator can lend a hand here.

My Calendar 2

You can schedule recurring events and edit individual instances of recurring events. Access to parts of the plugin can be restricted and views can be limited based on location, author, post or categories. When events are created or edited, an email notification can be sent to administrator and posted to Twitter.

The premium plugin allows logged in visitors to edit events from front end. Site visitors can also post events from front end. It comes bundled with advanced search features.

You can buy a single year’s license for $49.

Google Calendar Events

Google Calendar Events is an open source calendar that will let you add Google Calendar events to your WordPress site. All your events can be managed within Google calendar, without creating it separately in your WordPress. The Calendar can be customized to suit your website. It is fully responsive and can display in monthly and list views.

Simple Calendar 1

The event content can be customized with simple tags. You can fuse multiple calendars into a single one or maintain them separately after categorization. In the Advanced Settings Tab, you can adjust the time zones, the starting day of the week and the time and date display format.

The premium add-ons offer a secure connection between your website and Google, and allow you to display private Google calendars. The avatars for any guest confirmed for an event can also be displayed.

A list of attachments with links to original source can be added. The events can be highlighted with colors that match Google calendar event colors.

The add-ons come at prices between $29 and $149, with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Events Manager

Events Manager is not just a plugin for displaying events. It does a lot more than that. It can manage registration, bookings and even locations for events. It can manage single day events as well as events that are spread over a number of days. Duplication is possible for recurring events.

The plugin is multisite and Buddy Press compatible. It allows frontend submission and management, and advanced user permissions can be put in place. Events can be categorized and tagged. Visitors can book without having an account. Booking messages and email confirmations can be customized.

Event Manager

You can make it easier for participants to find the location by adding Google Maps and custom location fields. Images of the location or thumbnails can also be added. Widgets and shortcodes can be used. Template files and event pages can be modified and advanced hooks for developers is available.

The Pro add-on ensures premium support and spam protection with reCaptcha. In addition, a coupons and discount manager, transaction history, individual customized attendee forms, customizable booking forms and additional payment methods are available to purchasers of the add-on.

You can purchase the pro version for $75 and use it on one site or for $150, you can use it on 5 sites.


EventOn is a feature packed premium event calendar plugin. It has a responsive, mobile ready layout and supports multiple languages. You can make your calendars attractive by adding featured images to events. The design is clean and the plugin offers a great user experience. It has clocked over 19,000 installations.

Eventon 2

You can display the calendar in a tile format if you wish. Event date and time can be set, in any color that you choose. Events can be colored based on the type of event and this color can override the color set for the individual event. Events can be put into five categories. Repeating events can be created by duplication in wp-admin. Also, events can be shown only to logged in users.

Eventon 3

Widgets and shortcode generator will allow you to add features. Google Maps is integrated directly into the event, so visitors can find the venue easily. The maps can be colored to match your website. Location can be set by latitude and longitude. Event location image can be included. The locations can be saved and used for subsequent events.

Upcoming events can be displayed and past events hidden. Detailed info on events can be included, but collapsed to present a clutter free appearance. A jump month option is included to help visitors move quickly to the month they want. Events can be filtered on the calendar, and pre filtered calendars can be presented. Events can be presented in the choicest font data.

You can purchase the plugin in CodeCanyon for $29.

Calendarize it

Calendarize it is a premium event calendar plugin that is flexible and customizable. Customization is possible with simple drag and drop, without the need for any shortcodes. 8 predefined templates act as the starting point for our own calendar. More than 30 content elements will help you with building your calendar.

calenadarize it

You can choose between a month view and a list view for your events. In the map view of events, you can add banner advertisements. Events can be submitted and edited from the frontend. And you can charge your customers for submitting events at frontend. Add a number of payment options to help making payment easy.

Visitors can view, rate and review events. Visitors can also submit a RSVP.

A number of free and paid add-on increases your options. Custom buttons, Visual CSS Editor, Featured image and links for events are some of the free add-ons. The Paid add-ons include Eventbrite Tickets, Upcoming Events accordion, Member profile, Events Map View, Payment options and more.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a plugin that simply imports events from your Facebook account. With more than 1 billion daily active users on Facebook (December 2015), it would make sense to offer this option to users.

Events Calendar Facebook Pro

Public events organized on Facebook can directly be imported into your WordPress. Data for the events, including venue and the organizer details are filled into your WordPress. The events can be imported one by one or automatically on a schedule. For events that are created on personal pages or group pages, the event details can be imported manually from the event id.

To use this plugin, you will need to obtain credentials from Facebook by registering with them. Also, the calendars will not show events that are deemed to be adult in content by Facebook.

The licenses can be purchased for a price ranging from $49 to $149.

Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress

Timetable Responsive Schedule will help to display a timetable view of all your events. You can use it to create a timetable for your dance classes, meal plans, lesson plans and for similar needs. It will allow click through buying of tickets by visitors.

The shortcode generator will help you with the details of your timetable. Categories, columns to be displayed, format for events, google fonts, tabs used for filtering, can all be fine tuned. Custom post types will help you to design your events. A single event occurring many times ? Use the shortcode generator to list and display the occurrences. Widgets can be used to display today’s events or all upcoming events.

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress

The whole table or any part of it can be customized. The demo tables, widgets and settings can all be imported and used as such or after you adjust it to your liking, Event tooltips can be added. The responsive mode can be switched on and off. For clutter free appearance, the column displaying hours can be hidden. Any number of timetables or events or occurrences of events can be added.

The plugin can be purchased from CodeCanyon for $19.

FT Calendar

With FT Calendar you can have as many calendars as you like in your WordPress site using a simple interface. You can assign colors to the calendars and attach events to any or all of the calendars. FT Calendar is an advanced calendar plugin, where you get to create, maintain and own the data. Data can be easily imported and exported with CSV files.

FT Calendar

You can implement repeating events easily with FT Calendar. RSS and iCal feed is provided, so that visitors can import them into their calendars. Many widgets are available and you can use them to add features. Features that you can add are mini calendar widget, upcoming events widget, full calendar shortcode and shortcode for different views of the calendar. You can add events to any page, post or custom post type.

The plugin can be purchased for $39 and comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Some Additional Plugins

The plugins that follow have some functions that may interest a particular kind of user. For instance, the first plugin that follows – WP Permission Slip – will be of particular interest to schools. So, I have included a small list of plugins here that may interest a particular user or may have a distinctive function.

    • WP Permission Slip by Fly plugins is a little different in that it is intended for managing events like school trips, where the permission of a parent is required. The plugin can send out emails to parents automatically. You can sell ticket for any event with this plugin and multiple pricing for the same event is possible. Terms and conditions can be included and attendance sheet can be downloaded. It is a niche plugin intended primarily for schools.
    • Events + will help you add a countdown to your website and when the timer expires, a visitor is redirected to the live stream. You can build an entire event management network on the lines of Facebook events. Reservations, ticket sales, promo videos, event information, location and map can all be included with Events Plus. Shortcodes or widgets can be used to place elements wherever you want on your website.
    • Event List will display on your site, a list of events with their description, times and locations. It uses a WYSIWYG Editor to add description, text, links, videos or images to images. A duplicate function will help you to create event copies. Event categories can be synced with post categories. Events can be filtered according to dates or categories.
    • Event Espresso is a complete event management plugin. It can turn your website into a fully featured event management system. Customized registration forms, seat limits, tax administration, restricting access, customized emails for confirmations and discount codes are all taken care of. It is suitable for most organizations and a range of prices are offered to fit almost any budget.
    • Event Booking Pro comes with PayPal integration and is a full fledged event booking system. Multiple tickets and discount coupons can be managed with this plugin. Offline and multiple booking is possible and many payment gateways are supported. Lazy load shortcode and mobile fallback booking page are included.
    • The WordPress Pro Event Calendar makes it easy to manages events and special dates. It supports a date range function and is cross browser compatible. Users can submit events from frontend. You can import events from an ICS feed and Facebook. Events can be exported to an Excel File. User roles can be assigned.

To conclude

If you do not already have an event calendar plugin installed, you could try out any of the free plugins from the WordPress repository and become a little familiar with it. This may help you to know if there is any particular feature you are looking for in a plugin and help identify the one for you. You can try out the free or lite version, before you upgrade to the higher priced options.

There are plenty of great WordPress event themes too and you can find the best examples on this list.

If it is simple event listing that you are looking for, the free versions of the first 4 plugins in this list can do the job. If you need more, go down the list and you are likely find what you want here. Do share your experience!

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